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joins us live with the details. >> reporter: this is a very prosperous upper northwest neighborhood in d.c. now called spring valley but it used to be a weapons testing area as you've mentioned. some of the houses are no longer prosperous. this house behind me isan abandoned road because you see the backhoe in the front yard. they were digging in a pit and they found a fliiveg in the pit, an uncorked flask. inside that traffic was a solid substance. they brought it to the edgewood airs until in maryland. the chemical agent mustard was that solid substance in the flask. that was used to make mustard gas during world war i. the army corps said they had air monitors at the site and they are were not activated during the removal and they think there has been no danger to the public. this whole neighborhood in the early 20th century was a rural part of tease. it used to be called the american university experiment station. sixteen years ago, after all the houses were built in the 40sings 50s and 60s, chemicals an arsenic were found in the soil. many of these houses are -- some of these houses
best moves. >>> looking ahead to 7:00 now, a soul artist who used to be with the group tony, tony, tony is in town and we ill join us live in studio -- and he will join us live in studio this morning. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour in for gurvir. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> we'll say good morning to tony perkins this morning. it is quite a bit cooler than we had earlier this week. >> it is like fall. this will be short-lived. >> let's not rush changes too much. >> no, no, no, we'll have a nice day but summer returns for loo k tak a aook at the satellite-rar for our region. it t is quprettyiequiet. there are clouds out there to the west as tucker barnes was mentioning just a rthos time ago. our regional temperatures, awe quite cool start, 65 degrees here. 70 up in new york city and 70 in norfolk, virginia. pittsburgh at 56 degrees this hour. not a bad hostart to careorfo f sunshine. warmer than yesterday but belowe normal temperature. high about 85 degrees in the district. 86
joins us with a quick look this morning. >> thank you. back to bill very quickly. just want to show everybody what is happinobill. it continues to intensify. thwind are up to 100 miles per hour and -- okay, i guess we're in the going to look at t still forecast to become maor jhurricane over the next 4 hours. h, nt too bad -- over the next 24 hours. with a cold front starting to shtretclo osetor e urarea, and the possibility of a little nesunshi out there during the morning hours,nse'll see some showeruras th develop up aheahead of that fro latr today and some d of the storms could contain gusty winds and very heavy rain. we'll see what happens. temperatures right now, we never really cooled off overnight. we are at 77-degree at reagan national. humidity back up, 74%. i think the best chance of showers and thunderstorms will be any 2 00 : d an2:00 and anusee aft00yoeru c noon temperatures later today in the low 90s. 91 here in washington. 90 in baltimore. >> we'll talk mother about bill in just a little bit. >>> let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic. >> it is not
for being with us. >> have to say thank goodness for the little bit of a breeze we have out there. 80-degree at 5:00 in the morning. we want to dobetter than that. satellite-radar, there areome clouds out there but not too bad citnd gosour sk ionsconditions go. we'll see a decent sunrise today. i think it will be a mix of clouds and sun during the day, i think da iy, t ink ou dshiclou build in duri trsheoue cof the affect. teeratures around the region, here in d.c., it 0 8isddop grf grma ofw ffopa few degrees during the early- morning hours. let's hope so before it starts to go on the rise again today. here is your day planner for today. partly sunny skies this morning. more clouds later on today. a hot, humid day a high around 90-degree or into the lower 90s in some areas and a better chance of showers and thunderstorms today and some of those thunderstorms could have some heavy downpours. we'll tell you more about that coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. >>> let's welcome julie wright and see how her friday is going so far. >> in the so bad. we have the
could be along with us on fox 5 morning news. tucker is in. tony is taking time off. so we're watching bill. >> tony is under the weather. remember ask the weather guy yesterday? >> probably in thabicaribbean. we've got a lot to talk about. we want to start with hurricane bill. this intensity increasing here in the last several hours. maximum winds, 15 miles per hour with gusts to 1. that makes day category four hurricane. they only go to category five. it continues to move off to the west-northwest at about 16 miles per hour. the sea surface temperatures are running in the 80s. there is likelihood the storm nturcontinued tho i fy si da h el vesyra ses t'esveral days.a ge t o athe r again, we had storms here last night. >> we have aguhaseve used them mybig ad big ones at my house. yo psecanguseoscrhis het stn wan iits wake a lot of kecld coved a little bit of fog and a lot of humidity. i am guaranteeing bad hair days for everybody area-wide today as the monument will really be very high here for the next couple of days. 77-degree at reagan national. bwi marshal, 73 a look at your f
cancer overnight. >> his family tale of triumph and tragedy is long and historic. tom fitzgerald joins us with a look at his life and legacy. >> reporter: it is far from any secret over the past year, that senator kennedy had less time ahead of him than he had in the past. the final chapter is still being written today as america debates the issue of health care that he fought for right up until the end of his life. born on february #nd, 19 # 2, edward kennedy was the youngest of joe and rose kennedy's nine children but he was des tipped to step from the shadows and lead the kennedy clan through both good times and bad. when john f. kennedy was elected, ather joseph p. kennedy knew who should replace him n 1962, kennedy won a special election and with go on to be re-elected eight times. the kennedy family had its share of tragedy. assassination haming the lives of john f. kennedy in 1963 and robert kennedy in 1968. accolades are going on from around the nation. we will hear from many people who have looked back at 47 years in the united states septa that senator ted kennedy has served. >>
. residents are urged to use caution. >> the reality is that a tropical storm can be just as devastating than a small hurricane if the community cannot handle the level of flooding in that community. >> forecasters say claudette is not expected to cause significant flooding and right now tropical storm bill is the one they are keeping an eye on. it became our first hurricane of the season just minutes ago as we had sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. >>> now to the health care overhaul. there has been a shift in strategy. president obama's press identify government-run plan and now there is word that optiomay not be necessary after all. sarah simmons joins us live on capitol hill with the latest on this development. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it really and over the weekend as though the obama administering is really starting to back down from the idea of a government-run plan and starting to embrace the idea of insurance cooperatives that has really been talked about. the secretary of health and human services was saying over the weekend during theson morning talk shows that g
.c. getting us ready for the legg mason classic. >>> it is 5:00 on this morning. we take a look at the washington monument this morning. >> how could it possibly be august 3rd already. enjoy the rest of your summer, folks. it is winding down. >> keep checking that calendar. pretty good start to the day so far. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >>> and i'm allison seymour. i'll be here all week. d >>oo gmo rning to you. >>> not muching happening. we'll show you the satellite- radar image and what we are ais a few clouds here and there. tcipitis onta owe iheffll as tat. we think w aodntufmo o ttrey good amount of sunshine today ith only the slightest chance of any shower or huornderstlym activity. that will be really well off to e south and east the erw hihis inup hits th morning. our regional temperatures a warm start to the day. we're used to that. new york city, 73 dereges ates this h. r ca forest for today, increing fo sure. maybe some patchy morning fog -- increasing sunshine. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >>
history. a member of the little rock nine will be joining us live in the studio to talk more about that experience. ard . >>> good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's get to weather with tucker barnes. >> it will be cloudy and we'll have showers and ctthunderstorm i want to get t right it our hd radar and show you the thunderstorm activity that ueinnt s. can you see kind of sporadically out and about there. the dark green on your man p u towards aberdeen is a flp o d warning which should expire here momentarily. lof dark red herear, ticularly a cell here se, u s. thcao see cae bght ag flinsh there. that is a pretty good untodethrmrs . heer tp re uore alng the frontal ngsystem. we've got light rain showers and eoks luke kelu up towards hagerstown, it is raining at this phour. it will con to rain e herer er rsou h. leupco let's move on to the satellite- our. ra if it is not running at where you are house right now, there is a teasent chance it wl be later. notice therain showers down wae rds thilcrimes. -- thereis a s decent chance it will be later. we've g
and how to talk to your children about these swigs. >>> representative jim moran will join us. he is getting set to host a big health care town hall meeting with a special guest speaker. >>> and at 8:00, a lot of stay at home moms are re-entering the paid work force. we'll have tips to help ou ease the transition. >> fox 5 morning news is just getting started now at 5:00. >>> good tuesday morning. it is august 25th. there is a live look at the washington monument this morning to get you started at 5:00. the temperatures feeling from the question good out there this morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tucker barnes and hopefully a nice comfortable day today. >> very comfortable out there now. my air conditioners was not turned on when i woke up this morning. the huge is in check. we have sunshine throughout the day and high temperatures later in the upper 80s. isodon't know w iatheratthonih things can i say about the forecast but i'll try to refo out a way the next 19 say it. yo d our clveco hed ancloud cove
'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. gurvir is off this week. >> tucker barnes is with us this morning. >> rainy right now a cross the area, we are getting light showers, other than a few thunderstorms out there. you know what that means? >> what? >> it does mea n a slow drive to work. >> it does mean that. it should mean that. >> we have a wa veof low esevprre delopinale onrethg front t athamcroe thugh during the overnight e ours oshowers breaking out across the area. other than a few ndbas ofba heavier rain. there was elier some thunder and lightning out towards prince george's county and an arundel county. you can see showers are widespread here. i think a good chance that dema of you will llsee some light shower activity he urindheg t next few hours. u across the mess across the ic. atnt area of low pressure pwiusllh f of neast. south d we'll have a lot of cloud cover for much of the day. temperatures, well being they are doing their thing. 74degrees at reagan national. never really cooled off overnight. winds are out of the north and west as five miles per hour. be
for waking up with us on this monday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> tony perkins is here to give us a check of the weather. >> a wamstrtto aad start to het a muggy start to e day. hazy, hot, humid. it will be the warmette is year heat advisory goes into effect at noon dayoe seu heoucs ieyou ine er brown under a heat advisory from noon e until 8:00 p.m. tonight uscabee e it could feel like it is between 1105 degrees. -- between 100 and 105 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar. there is b ig ridge of high reessu to our south and it is keeping things calm us for. all the action, precipitation and esloud cover, s imoving around us to the north and than out to sea. so we should be quiet today. madeleine albright a stray s sher or thunderstorm later but to be honest, most of that energy won't able to makesh through here. through here. so forec y os tay,oortl mda ulnnsu sdeeeerecord heat across portions of the viewing arf aor degrees in washington. some could top out in 100 degrees. more on te forecast coming up in just a little bit. >>> let's welcome back jul
. y us r thus this rn elative humidity reis # #% and is # #% and the temperature is 77. --th -reatreand and wee temperature is 77. couple of of showers here and there during the course of the morning hours and another chance of that later on today. your forecast for today, a lot of clouds around, scattered showers and thunderstorms, humid, high about # 7 degrees. that is where we should be. that is our normal high for the date -- high about 77 degrees. >> heat, that's j-u-l -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. how are the roads on this early wednesday j not so bad. we had overnight construction on 95 and they are in the process of clearing that up for you guys. overnight cotruction cleared at the 14th street bridge. traveling on the beltway between an an del and merrifield -- between annandale and merrifield, the lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> this is not about putting the government in charge of your health insurance. we are not talking about cutting medicare benefits. i am not promoting a single payer plan. >> that is president obama who is on the road
of the parkway still closed. tom fitzgerald joins us with the late. >> reporter: tragic start to the day hear in southeast. this scene still going on. let pee get out of the the way and give you a better look at what is going on here. the call came in at approximately 2:36 a.m. that was when a man was apparently crossing suitland parkway from south to north and was struck by a car in the inbound lanes of of the suitland parkway. now, police have not identified the victim. however, we can tell you that he is an african-american male. police are on the lookout right now for what they believe is the striking vehicle, and that within a small dark blue or black vehicle with what we are told would be extensive front end damage to the wind windshield and possibly missing the right front side mirror. as you heard briefly in that traffic report just a minute ago with julie wright, traffic is being diverted on the outbound intersection. we're live some southeast, tom fitzgerald. >>> michael fell p was involved in an accident last night. driver of the other car was shaken up and taken to a local hospita
kept us from the 100-degree e m. ark more clouds aagain today. high today in the lower 90s. 92 in washington. 94 in fredericksburg. >> evethough we didn't hit the 100 take mark, the humidity made it feel really bad. >> so today too? >> yeah, but we won't have as much heat, it will feel better but still hot and humid. >> while they're complaining, i kind liked it yesterday ya. no complaints. >> i couldn't get my words out this early. >> i'm saying bottle it up because around december 2rd. >> i kept thinking the same thing. >> thank you. the lanes are open with no accidents to report. we are light and easy right now traveling on the bottom side of the beltway and from the wilson bridge. no incidents to report along 66 close in as you work your way in towards the capital beltway. light volume here as you continue over towards the dulles toll road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> many of you really want to hear what is going on so let pee try to get through this. thank you. the goals of health care reform are to allow you to keep the coverage you he. now, look, t
is in with us this morning as well. >> it feels crisp out there and just in time for septemb. everybody will love this week weather-wise. once we get through today, it will be bright sunshine with high temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s and low humidity. tony will be back in a couple of veins. >> he has been on vacation but he is back today. aobre ne icndaa see tony. tan, don't you think? >> yeah. have a cololfront that came through during the weekend. the leftovers are hanging off the coast here. an area of low presreis developing. you can see heavy swers across the virginia-north carola border. that will brush the area this morning. again, we have some cloud cover out there to start the day ar a couple of showers off to the uth and east. i don't think it will amount to much here in washington. eventlly, we'll get it out of here and high pressure. we'll go with clear skies back to detroit and cleveland. once it geer htse t hll wistay fofomuch of the week. temperatures, cool, 67 here in washington. in pittsburgh. here is a look at your forecast. we'll start the day with clods s and
and whether it is ready to welcome students today. sherry ly joins us with the latest as youngsters get ready to head back to class. >> reporter: construction worker have been putting the finishing touches on john boroughs elementary school up until the very last minute. we did see some lights on around the back of the school and people going in and out of the building. some parents say this school is not fit for class and several tell us that they won't be sending their kid to school today. we found teacher working alongside construction workers yesterday hoping to get ready for school in time. parents drove by througut the day to check on the progress and did not like what they saw. by late afternoon, workers were still painting, replacing air conditioning and hauling with a trash. the pta is not satisfied even if the work is complete, parents worry about the paint fumes left behind. >> it takes 7 # hours before can you even come in an environment like that. so we don't even have a 72-hour window after the guys finish. they will put these kids in a unsafe environment. it is not fair to the
is getting set to welcome its first students on the campus of udc. the school's ceo will join us to talk about why this is so critical to our area. >>> looking ahead to 8:00 being parents, get ready for a hot new toy today. we'll get a demonstration from a very special guest. >>> nice view of the u.s. capitol this morning. it is already a steamy 74- degree in your nation's capital. 5:00 on this tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. gurvir is off this week. we welcome you to fox 5 morning news. >> let's say good morning to tony perkins. >> it is warm out. >> it is warm in. >> yeah, we have to cool off the studio. if only we could cool woff the day. we won't be able to do that. we'll see temperatures in the 90s today. take a look at the satelle- radar. very pretty moon out there this morning. when i left for work, it was orange. you could find patchy fog this morning rete , e region, particularly low-lying areas and near the rivers and streams and the like but that e ll be about itr th the morning. no precipitation expected. our regional temperatures, a warm start t
's office in chantilly. investigators fear there may be more victims. matt ackland joins us with more. railroad you are right. there is a big concern by fair fact county police that other people possibly watching this morning may have been at this clinic behind me and may have been inappropriately touched within the last month. let's tell you a little bit about this. this man's name is sanchez. he was arrested for two counts of sexual battery. police believe it all went down inside the chantilly specialist's office. the owners of clinic have been open to the media as they discuss these alleged crimes. they say in a 24-hour period, three female patients complained about sanchez. when they got the first complaint, sanchez was for longer allowed to have contact with any women. police say the two known victims are ages 27 and 28 years old. the alleged crime happened between july 0th and august 6th. >> of hot in any way, shape or form supposed to be doing any kind of physical examing as. he was not supposed to be -- good gosh, no. in short, no. >> reporter: jorge sanez was arrested after h
loor look at how it happened and a closer look at the relations between the u.s. and north korea. >>> summer is flying by. not too late to plan a trip to some nice places in our area. you don't have to go too far. holly morris will be live with some ideas. >>> let's take a look outside. it's dark view from tower cam. that will change soon though. temperature probably will as well even though it is already 75 degrees in the nation's capital. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm a allison seymour in for gurvir dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> that is clearly just another headline. it is 75-degree at 5:00 in the morning. >> i think it will drop off before we start to see our increase for the day. >> how much may that up crease be today? >> let me answer that for you, steve. let's start with our current temperatures at the area airports. right now, 75 degrees at reagan national airport. if you don't like that, head over to dulles international, 72 and drive out to bwi marshall where it is 71 degrees. a big difference this morning. check it out. a lot more clouds this morning than we
. >> the political world continuing to mourn the loss of senator ted kennedy. >> the flag on top of the u.s. capitol is flying at half- staff. it and all other flags to federal property will remain lowered until august 30th, part of a presidential proclamation. >>> meantime, senator kennedy's memorial plans press on. his final farewell begins today with a three-day whirlwind trip from cape cod to northern virginia. >> before a report now from sarah simmons at arlington cemetery. >> reporter: senator kennedy ll be buried here at arlington national cemetery on saturday. it is still unclear at this point whether or not the public is invited to attend that ceremony here but you can imagine hundreds, possibly even thousands of people thatwould like to pay their last respects here. they will have a chance to do so as well in boston throughout the next couple of days. there will be a private service that will actuallbe held on cape cod at noon today. then kennedy's body will be driven from hyannis port about 70 miles for boston where he will be driven near places that were of significance to him. the state
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